Kirkcudbright Youth Project

The Kirkcudbright Youth Project is a project that aims to engage the kids that live in Kirkcudbright, giving them opportunities and skills that will help them to grow into valued members of our community.

Currently the group is not meeting due to the recent Covid-19 outbreak, but hopefully we will meeting again soon. In the meantime there are plenty of online activities happening, and you can get involved by visiting out Facebook Page for details of recent events.

The Youth Project is going to be getting it’s own space in the Johnston School after building work has been concluded, something they have been excited for as it means the group can meet more times each week than what was possible in the past. They are looking forward to having a more permanent home, as in the past they they borrowed space from the local scouts and primary school.

If you are interested in what the group has been up to recently please check out their Facebook.