Silvercraigs Caravan Park now under KDT control

The Trust is now running Silvercraigs Caravan Park under a service level agreement with Dumfries & Galloway Council. It is hoped that the Park will be transferred to the Trust in autumn 2017. Colin Wyper and his team have made a huge difference to the park and the letters of complaint received by the Council in the past, have been replaced by complimentary letters of thanks. Buildings have been cleaned and painted and a huge clean up completed. Bookings are looking very promising for the rest of the year and a healthy final profit is forecast which will enable continued work improving the site in the winter months. It is hoped to improve the facilities at the existing pitches and increase the number of pitches available. Looking ahead it is thought that there is a growing market for camper vans and this will help extend the season. Colin has advertised in several national magazines and it is hoped that bookings will continue to increase.

Colin has set up a website at: Silvercraigs Caravan Park and booking can be done online. A video of the Caravan Park can be seen on You Tube Any surplus profits will be used on Development Trust projects for the benefit of the town

Silvercraigs Caravan Park

The Trust has been looking at the idea of taking over Silvercraigs Caravan Park from our local council. Our initial idea is to contract out the running of the site to Kirkcudbright Swimming Pool. Swimming pool staff are already trained in things like health and safety and working with the public so it would be a straightforward transition. Any surplus profits would be used on Development Trust projects.  We  have secured development funding £7600 from the lottery. This will allow us to consult with the community, carry out a condition survey of the park and develop a business plan.

We’ll keep you informed of any progress on the project.