KDT Extraordinary General Meeting

KDT will hold an extraordinary general meeting on 4th September at 18:30 in Daar Road House to ratify a new constitution.  The proposed new constitution can be found here.

The changes to the constitution are as follows.

We have based the new constitution on the latest template from the Development Trust Association of Scotland which has new clauses allowing the right to buy land under the Land Reform (Scotland) act 2016.  These new powers are included as Section 6.

We have clarified our membership structure with the introduction of Associate Membership for organisations.  These changes are included in sections 14 to 27.  Our current constitution allows organisations to register as members.  These new clauses make it clearer on how this is done and what voting rights associate members have.

The purposes of the Trust have not been changed although there is a small addition to Section 4 which now specifies that the Trust will benefit the community of Kirkcudbright and District (DG6).  Our current constitution included this in the membership section.

The remaining changes in the constitution are small and relate to renumbering of paragraphs.

There are no other changes to our constitution – it is basically almost identical to our current one.

The changes that we have made have been ratified by the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator.


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