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As you may know we have been working on the idea of a community organisation “Kirkcudbright Development Trust” for a number of months. This organisation would support a wide range of community groups and activities, helping to bring people together, creating a stronger community body which shares resources and which has a stronger voice. As a Development Trust we also engage the support of the Development Trust Association Scotland (DTAS) which offers a wide range of support services.

The new organisation has now been awarded charitable status and will start work shortly. At the same time Kirkcudbright Community Trust will cease to exist. It is hoped that others will follow suit and amalgamate into the new organisation as well.

The new Development Trust is there to help your group/organisation and to help lead major initiatives such as the Johnston School Project. Bringing groups under one roof will also make us stronger and more effective. There is no requirement for groups to commit at this stage to join the new organisation, just to come along and learn what it can provide in the future, and the reasoning behind it.

We welcome input from anyone in the town.

Registered as a Charity in Scotland SC46064

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  1. I have consulted the OSCR website with regard to your newly formed SCIO.
    I see that one your website page, are portrayed a collage of photographs of Kirkcudbright Parish Church/Kirkcudbright Town Hall/Johnston School.

    I am an elder of Kirkcudbright Parish Church and, in common with the majority of Church members, am concerned and, in the main, unaware as to what is now being proposed regarding our place of worship.

    Firstly, in accordance with OSCR regulations (as I understand them from my reading of them), will you please provide me with details of all your trustees, including the ‘9’ additional trustees that are mentioned in your application.

    Secondly, can you please confirm to me in order that I can advise our Church members whether Kirkcudbright Parish Church in any way, forms any part, current , planned or suggested to be included in your Trust.

    Thirdly, can you please advise me whether St Cuthbert’s Trust is already or, is for future, under consideration of being involved in your Trust

  2. Sorry, I forgot to mention the following issues:

    1) Will you respond directly to the person who posed all questions asked?

    2) In the event of adopting into your trust, other previously existing trust/ organisations, what will be the status / ownership of existing finances /fixed and, any other assets of any such charity absorbed into your new charity?

    3) Will your charity give opportunity, widespread to every member of any organisation which may in any way be potentially effected by your Trust, the opportunity to voice their personal opinion and, vote upon the outcome.

    4) Will you please provide to me your understanding of OSCR regulations as they relate to your responses to me.

  3. Hi,

    I have contacted you previously on this site. You, in answer, have asked me to wait until your official site has become available. Alas, there so far, has been no such site.

    Now, on here, your site I ask again on behalf of the Christian congregation of Kirkcudbright Parish Church that you confirm the following:

    1) Kirkcudbright Development Trust anticipates involving and accepting St Cuthberts; Trust as one of the SCIO organisations into your charity.

    2) Kirkcudbright Parish Church, as a congregation of the Church of Scotland, a charity in its’ own right and constitution and, the church building, is, the property of the General Trustees of the Church of Scotland,

    St Cuthberts’ Trust and Kirkcudbright Development Trust appear to have, from your previous reply to my questions to you (although, you chose to answer privately, by email rather than , publicly, on this web page a potential to become associates in the near future.

    3) This is a matter which, having addressed it now on this web page, will, attract the interest of the Dumfries and Galloway press as an issue of local interest and, to the Office of Scottish Charity Register as a m\tter which should be investigated.

    1. Dear Andrew

      I’ve replied to you via email and for the public record attach my initial reply which I hope you will find satisfactory.

      Thank you for your comments delivered to me via the Kirkcudbright Development website. I apologise for the delay in responding – I am very busy for the next two weeks in Castle Douglas and am falling behind in responding to emails.

      The KDT website is just a simple page put up at the moment by me until we can get someone decent to design it. I will respond to you directly rather than through the website as I think that is more appropriate.

      You asked several questions which I am very happy to answer. The Chair of the Trust is Lesley Garbutt, I am Secretary, and John Johnson is Treasurer. Other Management Board members at the moment are Malcolm Oldfield, Gordon Cowan, Andy Campbell, Avive Asbridge, Brian Thomson, Allan Ross, Alex Kinnell, and Colin Maclaine. We expect as organisations in the town join, other board members will be appointed.

      The idea behind the creation of Kirkcudbright Development Trust is to form one Trust in the town which other trusts, groups, or organisations could join in order to enhance our ability to obtain funds for development within the town. At the moment there are many small groups within the town looking for funds and finding it difficult to do so. The Development Trust has a full time employee, Andrew Ward from Creetown Initiative, who is beginning the process of building up the trust and getting substantial funds. The Creetown Initiative has been very successful in attracting many millions of funding to Creetown which has benefited Creetown substantially. You will have read on the OSCR site our aims, which are quite broad, but are directed at enhancing the lives of everyone in the town.

      Groups in the town are free to join the Development Trust or not. There are no plans for Kirkcudbright Parish Church to join Kirkcudbright Development Trust. St Cuthbert’s Trust are considering whether to join the Development Trust. Trustees have not yet come to a decision on this. Kirkcudbright Community Trust will be closing and any remaining assets will be transferred to the Development Trust. The Kirkcudbright Youth Drop In Centre group is also expected to join the Trust.

      If any group joins the trust then any assets that it brings can be ring fenced for their own use and could be reported on separately within the trust . It is not the Trust’s intention to “take over and run” all the groups in Kirkcudbright. The Summer Festivities Group for example is considering whether to join the Trust. If they do so then they will continue to run and develop the Festivities. Being part of the larger group will enable them to save costs, eg accountancy charges, and have better access to funds to help them develop. The Development Trust will not be “running” the Festivities, that will remain with the volunteers who already carry out this work.

      We welcome the views an opinions of everyone in the town and any organisation in the town about the needs for Kirkcudbright and suggestions for future developments. The choice of the strategy and work carried out by the Kirkcudbright Development Trust will be decided by the Trustees in consultation with the members of the Trust.

      As far as I understand OSCR regulations the Trust has to make available to all, copies of its accounts and constitution. Once our website is in a better shape we will make all of this and more available on our website. At the moment since we are newly formed we do not yet have any formal accounts. We will of course provide full details on our website of any groups that make up the Development Trust.

      I hope that this has answered the questions that you have asked. If anything is still unclear I would be happy to answer any other queries that you have either by email or by phone. My numbers are below. For the next ten days I will be in Castle Douglas between 8:30am and 5:00pm and mobile reception there is not good. I would be happy to talk to you any evening if you wished.

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