The Kirkcudbright Development Trust.


The Kirkcudbright Development Trust (KDT) is a community run and managed registered charity.
It has been formed as an umbrella organisation to help a wide range of local groups secure funding
to develop new and improved community projects for the Town (Website) and DG6 area.
The KDT will work to provide resources for community groups by using their expertise to make
grant applications to local and national bodies for funding. They will advise on the development of
projects and help secure additional funding if needed . The staff of the KDT have an outstanding
record of securing funding for local groups – over £6 million pounds for Scottish communities in
the last 5 years.
In order to demonstrate community involvement when applying for grants an individual
‘membership’ has been established, open to everybody over 16, in the DG6 area. By becoming a
member you will demonstrate support for the KDT and enable stronger applications for funding. No
obligation will be placed on you by becoming a member and your details will not be used for any
other purpose. A newsletter will be sent to members to keep them informed and enable them to have
a say regarding future projects. To become a member email your name and postcode to:-

Kirkcudbright Community Trust and Kirkcudbright Youth Drop-in have amalgamated with the new
Kirkcudbright Development Trust and it is hoped that other groups will also join in the future.
In this way, the combined skills and strengths within the new Development Trust will increase its
effectiveness, and enhance its ability to obtain funds for future development within the town and
DG6 area. Additionally it will reduce running costs and avoid duplication. Groups can retain their
identity as members of the trust if they wish and all grant funding will remain specific to that group.